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Undesirable Treatment Failure

Interferon and 5-fluorouracil and Candida injection are toxic and no longer recommended for HPV genital warts treatment There has been many horrible cases of genital warts treatment with 5FU and interferon that it is no longer recommended for genital warts treatment. Unfortunately, We have also seen many cases of patients who were victims of these older treatments approach. Many damages are irreversible because of necrosis and loss of tissue on genital. I always tell if you have a growth on your toe or ingrown toenail then you won’t cut the whole toe out to cure the problem. It will obviously get rid of your problem as well as your toe. Always do research and get educated on your condition and ask many questions from your doctor and see published before and after pictures. Following are latest study link of not recommending 5FU and Interferon treatment :

Courtesy of Dr Arani copy right protected, recurrence and scar after burning

These patients were referred to to Dr. Arani,M.D. after interferon and 5-fluorouracil skin damages