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Treatment Method




There are many treatment modalities available, partially due to multilateral approach and ongoing search for new and better ways to treat genital warts. Every doctor and clinician has his or her own certain preferences for treatment. Dr. Arani’s innovative approach of One Session 3-Step Micro Surgical Destruction (BCR™) comes from his years of experience exclusively treating HPV warts. He has mastered his technique of micro removal, performing many of these procedures with the use of a microscope. Microsurgical instruments are utilized for removal followed by 2 additional destruction steps to eliminate the growth once for all.

During your private consultation, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the right approach for you. We will also fully examine you with different diagnostic tools such as filtered light, microscope or macroscope to ensure we are not missing any warts at time of the treatment. Our goal at the time of treatment is that there are “no warts left when the patient leaves our institution.” We are very proud of our outstanding results.

From the start of treatment to the end (the healing stage), cosmetic outcome is very important to our practice. Successful removal is our primary vision, but we also strive to make the treated area look as appealing as possible. With HPV, the first treatment is most important as far as desirable outcome; repeat treatments tend to result in less optimal cosmetic results. We also understand the psychological aspects of this disfiguring infection, and always keep cosmetics in mind when treating these difficult lesions.

Dr.’s Note

"I was always perplexed, during the evaluation and treatment of HPV patients, why we were seeing patients over and over for treatment of the same individual warts. At that point, I realized that the destruction of genital warts was one thing while the prevention of relapses was another. Today, experience is the main contributor to my success of treating tens of thousands of HPV patients to this date.


As a patient with genital warts, you must read, get educated, know the pathophysiology of your condition, and always explore your options before wisely choosing the best treatment. I believe that knowledge is power: power of overcoming this devastating epidemic."


- S. Arani, M.D.


Choosing The Best Method:

Your first shot is your best shot when treating genital / anal warts. It is imperative that you choose the right institution, physician, and method to minimize recurrence and scar development.

Partially damaged warts as result of incomplete treatment and open wound and irritation would pass the virus to surrounding tissue. Therefore, you will have more new warts appear subsequently.

There is no FDA approved method to remove genital warts by laser, laser might be approved for hair removal or skin resurfacing but genital human papillomavirus is a highly infectious and contagious disease that might get spread by laser plume with high relapse rate. According to WebMD, laser success rate for genital warts is 20-40%. Dr. Arani does not recommend kaser treatment for persistent genital HPV infection.

Disfiguring scarring and warts mixed with scarring are much more difficult to treat. Permanent, unsightly scars cannot be reversed by “money-back guarantee” promises.

Choosing a clinic offering discounted services may save you money but also result in detrimental skin damage and low success rate, negatively impacting your health and life. Physician reputation and skill should be your top priority when choosing the right treatment in your country or your area.


Choosing The Right Physician:

Although we have special accommodation for our out of state and country patients, not everyone could come to our institution for treatment. I have made the following instructions to help you find the right physician.

Physician who diagnoses and treats Genital Anal Warts must have experience, education, and be up to date in the field. Look for a physician who is well known for successfully treating and removing HPV warts, and has extensive experience as well as an excellent track record of successful treatment. Don't get fooled by fancy websites and empty promises. Anyone could hire a professional web designer and hide behind bells and whistels.

Some appropriate questions to ask of a clinician include:

How confident is he or she in removing HPV warts?

What is his or her success rate? Is he or she able to prove that?

What is his or her regular cosmetic outcome?

Will Treated warts grow back?